Advertising Opportunities

Website Banner Ads

Our site currently receives over 550,000 hits per month, in other words, over 98,000 page views from over 9,500 unique visitors. This tells you how many times your banner ad will be seen or could be seen by visitors viewing the site. We looked at several ways of charging for website banner ads - the most common being 'per thousand hits', 'sponsorship' or a 'flat fee'. As a non-profit association we have decided to charge a flat fee to keep the ads affordable for members who may have small advertising budgets.


  • File Size: The file size of any banner should not exceed 40K.
  • All material must be received in electronic format either in JPEG or GIF format.
  • A link to your company's website will be implemented, if desired.

Home Page Scroller Ads

200 pixels wide x 200 pixels high

Content Page banner Ads

Ad on any other inside page: 675 pixels wide x 80 pixels high


Banner Ads are being sold on a first come-first serve basis and your ad will stay on our site for 30 days at the following rates:

  • MRIA Home Page: $500.00 (+ applicable taxes)
  • Any other page: $250 (+ applicable taxes)

Advertising Contact:

coming soon.

General Information

Advertising materials and payments should be sent directly to the MRIA Office