MRIA Maintenance of Certification: FAQ

Q - I live in Regina and I participate on the Prairie Chapter executive by conference calls. Does that count?
A - Yes

Q - I attended a one day conference in Sydney, Australia. Will this count?
A - Yes. You can attend a one-day conference relevant to your career, and it will count regardless of where it takes place in the world. Surfing or whale watching would not count. If in doubt as to whether the points will be recognized, please submit the course/program/conference to MRIA before you go.

Q - I took an internal course by one of my peers on regression. Does this count?
A - No, unless it is open to all members of MRIA.

Q - I worked on my MBA. Will I receive any credit?
A- Yes, we will acknowledge one course credit per year.

Q - What if I cannot accumulate 50 points?
A- There is a Certification Advisory Committee to hear your individual case. It will determine whether there are valid and acceptable reasons why you could not fulfill your points requirement.

Q - What changes have there been to the MCP program?
A - The MRIA Board passed a motion to implement a "Maintenance of Certification Points" (MCP) requirement for all CMRP designation holders in 2010 to ensure that CMRP holders remain current and relevant to new technology and ideas in marketing research. In March 2014, a revised Continuous Professional Learning and Development For Certified Marketing Research Professionals was published. Among the changes include expanded MCP to make it easier for members to calculate and track learning opportunities. Please see the Points Chart for a summary of how points are calculated.  

Q - It looks like I have to really take mostly MRIA courses or be active in MRIA.
A - No, we actually encourage you to take courses anywhere that develops your career. There are thousands of professional development courses/conferences/seminars/webinars that are available both online and in physical form. You can even offer to give presentations or webinars.

Q - Does an online course count as much as a physical course?
A - Yes

Q - Does the price of the course reflect the value of the course?
A- No, we realize it costs more for anyone to attend an ESOMAR conference in Athens than a conference in Toronto. The value is what you get out of the conference. You choose the conference and the value it has to you. It's your career.

Q - Why is it important to have a Continuous Learning Program in place?
A - Please understand that we are encouraging you to keep up with new knowledge, practices and methods and ways to do things. Ask your doctor, dentist, teacher, trainer, accountant if they take professional development courses and ask them why. Would you want to use an MD that graduated in 1960 and hasn't attended any professional development courses?

Q- What will happen if I don't want to participate in the points system?
A - Your CMRP will be rescinded. MRIA will follow a rigorous and transparent process to remind you to participate and then warn you at critical stages before a registered letter will be sent to you.

Q - I cannot afford to attend costly professional development activities. 
A - That is why the accumulation of MCPs is spread over two years. There are many eligible activities that do not involve an outlay of cash, such as writing an article, giving a presentation, mentoring a CMRP candidate, etc. See the Points Chart for more examples. 

Q- Why do I need the CMRP designation?
A - Procurement officers are promoting and encouraging CMRP qualification in RFPs. MRIA is the body overseeing professionalism in marketing research; member certification and continuing professional development is MRIA's mandate.

Q- Can I get my CMRP designation back after I let my membership lapse? 
A - Any CMRP member whose membership has lapsed for less than 5 years, may rejoin the MRIA and may hold the CMRP designation again provided that they accumulate the required 50 points by the end of the year. Normally, CMRP members can take up to 2 years to accumulate these 50 points, but a lapsed member has one calendar year to do so. Any eligible activity taken in the lapsed year immediately prior to the year the CMRP member has re-joined, and for which there is acceptable proof, is eligible towards this required 50  MCP. For example, M. Ember has her CMRP and is a member in 2015, let her membership lapse in 2016 and rejoins in 2017. She needs to accumulate at least 50 MCPs between January 1 – December 31, 2017. However, she attended an MRIA event in 2016, for which she has confirmation of attendance, and these MCP from this event in 2016 can go towards her 50 MCP requirement for the year ending December 31, 2017.

A member who has lapsed for 5 years or more who wishes to hold the CMRP must do so through one of the acceptable pathways. Current pathways to the CMRP are listed here: