The Maintenance of Certification Points System: How does it work?

Professional Development will be measured by a point system. The point system is simple: one must accumulate 50 points within a two-year period, January to December. 

Certified Marketing Research Professionals currently pursuing professional development activities can easily fulfill the minimum requirement of 50 points in each two year period. The system is flexible and, above all, depends upon the CMRP holder to chart a course of action for their own professional development, whether they are a recent CMRP or an established industry leader.

In allocating points, MRIA tries to make events equal no matter where they are held. So an international conference receives the same number of points as a national conference. A seminar in the U.S. receives the same number of points as a seminar held in your hometown. The CMRP holder makes the decision on relevance, based on their own career path.

CMRP holders should keep complete documentation of their PD activities in the case of a random MRIA audit. Examples of acceptable documentation can include paid receipts and attendance certificates.

Points can be accumulated under any or all three of the following areas: Learning; Leadership Skills; and Knowledge Sharing. These areas reinforce continuing professional development, and are similar to those mandated by other professional bodies.

There are points for participating in MRIA and other Associations. There are points for sharing knowledge. There are points for improving your own skills, be it core marketing research (qual or quant), business management or a new and developing area of interest such as social media. 

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