The MRIA Institute for Professional Development offers a proctored Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE). Members who successfully pass the exam are awarded the designation of Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP). This designation signifies high level of knowledge and capability in marketing research theory and practice, and adherence to rigorous ethical standards set out in MRIA’s Code of Conduct and Good Practice.

To help candidates prepare for the CMRE, the Core Curriculum Competency Requirements document has been published in full on this website. This document describes the level of knowledge and experience expected of a marketing research professional seeking the CMRP designation. You can download the Competency Requirements document in PDF format.

The CMRE Study Guide will assist in preparing for and succeeding in writing the CMRE. The Guide is available FREE OF CHARGE to all MRIA members in good standing.

To download the guide please click here.

Candidates for the CMRP following Pathway 1Pathway 2, or Pathway 3 are required to write the CMRE. Please note that those following Pathway 1 are only required to write Part A of the exam.




The CMRE consists of two parts of 3.5 hours each, written over the course of two days. Part A consists of a case study and Part B is a knowledge portion of the exam.

The passing mark for each part is 65%. Both parts must receive at least 65% to pass the Exam.

Types of questions
The examination includes the following three types of questions:

Type of Question
Single Subject & Multi Subject
Range of Marks Allocated

NOTE: The total marks allocated to each type of question in each Subject Section may exceed 100 but the score will then be adjusted to a score out of 100 to calculate the final exam score.

The comprehensive question is the first part to be written.

The CMRE is a closed-book exam, and no reference materials are permitted. Candidates are not permitted to bring calculators or electronic data storage devices into the examination room. The following are supplied during the exam:

  • Basic workstation
  • A basic four-function calculator
  • Output from statistical analysis
  • Dialogue from qualitative research

Candidates are required to provide their own computer and MRIA will provide secure exam software that must be pre-loaded and tested prior to the exam date.

Candidates can choose to write the exam at any educational or business location of their choice; in this case, they are responsible for any additional fees for venue and proctor


1. Graduates of the following programs are fully qualified to write the CMRE, provided they possess a university degree from a recognized university, have at least two (2) years of marketing research work experience and have completed the MRIA Core course “102-Ethical Issues and Privacy in Marketing Research”:

  • Georgian College, Research Analyst Program
  • Algonquin College, Marketing and Business Intelligence Research Program
  • Humber College, Research Analyst Program (starting with graduates of the 2015 program)
  • University of Georgia (Marketing Research Institute International) Principles of Marketing Research

2. Other university, college and professional development courses will be assessed on a case by case basis. To apply equivalencies, please download and complete our Course Exemption Request Form [PDF Format]