CMRE Prep Workshop

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  • Professional Development course


A comprehensive 2 day workshop designed to cover the key, basic topics in marketing research. This seminar is specifically designed to help registrants to prepare for MRIA's Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE), a pre-requisite for any marketing research professional who would like to be awarded the Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP) designation. The CMRP designation provides valuable recognition to marketing research professionals who have completed the Institute for Professional Development program and also allows experienced researchers to certify their knowledge.

For more information on the CMRP designation, click here.

For more information on the CMRE, click here.

The Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE) is a challenging full-day exam that requires you to quickly recall all the core concepts of marketing research. At this point in your career you are most likely familiar with the concepts and an expert at some of them, but perhaps you have not written an exam in awhile, or perhaps you never really did understand weighting and now trust your stats department to do it. This course will help provide a refresher of all the key concepts and help those get back into "exam" mode.

The seminar commences with a session on how to prepare for the exam as well as writing and time management techniques. Then the seminar continues through the essential concepts of marketing research. A combined lecture and "hands-on" workshop format is employed, including in-class group work, case studies, feedback and discussion.

Major topics covered in this course include

  • Examination preparation: writing and time management techniques
  • Review of quantitative and qualitative methods
  • How to interpret, assess and rationalize a case study
  • Review of sampling: population, sample frame, sample size, sampling procedures, case study
  • Proposal writing: proposal development exercise and peer critique
  • Review of Rules of Conduct and Standards: critical areas and case studies
  • Peek at qualitative research: codes of practice for recruiting, when to use, opportunities and limitations
  • Review of questionnaire design: questions types, use of attitudinal scales, question wording errors, monitoring, response rates, case study
  • Marketing management: marketing terminology and role of marketing research
  • Review of analysis: tab plans, analyzing tables, interpretation of inferential statistics, applying statistical tests bivariate, case study and peer critique
  • Other resources to prepare for the CMRE

Suggested Audience

Members seeking CMRP designation Client-Side Researcher Research Supplier    
  Little or no exposure   Less than 2 years experience 2-8 years experience 8+ years experience

Intended for researchers who consider applying to write the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam, a pre-requisite to be granted MRIA's coveted CMRP designation.


Past Participant Comments

"The course covered a great deal of material in a reasonable fashion and served as an excellent preparation for the CMRE. It provided me with useful tips for preparing for the examination."
(Frank Grigel, CMRP, Parks Canada Agency)

"Quite useful and I felt that this really helped me know the key areas of market research that I needed to concentrate on and spend some additional time on."
(Piero Coppola, CMRP, Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation)

"Everybody had a chance to speak and answer the questions, every issue was addressed and every question was answered."
(Sasha Rozhnov, Hotspex Inc.)

Location(s) Course Date(s)
Toronto November 1-2, 2018


  • Course Length: 2 Days
  • Check-in: 8:30 am, daily
  • Classes: 9 am - 5 pm, daily
  • Lunch will be provided
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