This guide was developed to assist candidates with their preparation for the MRIA's Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE). It is organized into four major sections, each of which is described briefly below:

Section A: "About the CMRP and CMRE" provides background on the CMRP and CMRE and describes the goal of the CMRE. It also describes the process by which the exam is set and administered and the requirements for writing the exam.

Section B: "Preparing for the Exam" provides information on how to study. It expands on the subject areas covered in the core courses and provides a series of questions that will help guide your study and ensure that you have sufficient knowledge to successfully pass the CMRE.

Section C: "Writing the Exam" provides additional background on what you should expect on exam day. More importantly, it provides a list of exam writing strategies that are essential reading for candidates who have not recently written an exam. For many candidates who already have good experience in marketing research, this is likely the most important section. The use of good exam writing strategies can have a significant impact on a candidate's grade.

Section D: "Are You Ready?" presents questions in the same style as you will see on the exam. These questions serve as a good test of whether you are ready to write the exam.

To download your copy of the Study Guide(PDF format), click here.

Please note, MRIA also offers a two day intensive CMRE Prep Workshop. For more information click here.