How do you feel about the CMRP?

Susan Innes
Insights Director
BMO Financial Group

“I understand why we’ve created it. I think it makes a lot of sense to have a special designation within our industry. When you look at accountants for example … it’s a mark that you know what you’re doing, that you have expertise”

Kristian Gravelle
Dircector of Insights and Analytics
AstraZeneca Canada

“When you have your CMRP, you are actually in the driver seat of really understanding how insights are generated, what makes a good research design, and what makes a good analysis.”

Greg Ambrose
Director of Consumer Insight and Strategy
Tim Hortons

“I think it’s an important component of a strong body to have individuals and an educational system (or professional designation) to give extra credibility”

Why I Pursued and Achieved My CMRP

"What would cause a mid-career researcher with a well-established practice and a busy schedule to feel the need to write the CMRE and attain the CMRP designation? Like many of my peers, I reacted to the prospect of writing a lengthy exam with a certain measure of intimidation – it had been 15 years since my last exam – and I felt intimidated by the prospect of putting my skills on the line.

However, I was encouraged by Environics' President, Barry Watson, and the more I thought about it, the more I became intrigued about the opportunity to demonstrate to myself that I was up for the challenge and that I could compete with the best in Canada. Both the study guide and the newly introduced CMRE prep course made it much easier to know what to focus on. I feel that the process of preparing for it, writing the exam, and undertaking the commitment to learn and uphold the Code of Conduct and Good Practice, have made me a better researcher in every regard. A benefit I didn't anticipate was that as a manager of young professionals entering the industry, I can say with much greater authority why it is important for them to undertake the exam at the earliest opportunity as well.

To my peers in the industry who are similarly seasoned but still have lots to accomplish in their careers, what are you waiting for? They call it 'challenging' the exam for a reason; you're still up for a challenge, aren't you?"

David MacDonald, MBA, CMRP
Group Vice President, Financial Services
Environics Research Group

"Achieving the CMRP designation was a capstone moment in my career. Along with the experience and reputation I gained in the qualitative research industry, my time on the PMRS and MRIA national board, and the advantage of starting out in smaller research companies where you had to wear many different hats, it helped me get where I am today. The CMRP added credentials to my name when I ran my own consulting practice and when I taught for three years at BCIT (British Columbia Institute of Technology). The honor in having the exam developed and marked by industry gurus, helped validate that I’ve got a broad skill set to bring to the table. Now I feel part of an elite group of researchers who have seen the value and importance in testing and certifying their knowledge base, and who demonstrate the ongoing high research and ethical standards which being a CMRP requires. I’m proud to hang the CMRP designation on my wall at Vision Critical and to encourage others to pursue the designation."

Ellie Sykes, CMRP
VP Community Insights
Vision CriticalTM, Vancouver

"I recently took on a new client-side researcher role that was very attractive but somewhat daunting to me: it involved a new industry, an organization whose research needs cover more areas than what I had been exposed to previously, and a structure with a single in-house researcher instead of a team of internal resources.
I decided to prepare for, and write, the CMRE as a means to review the broad fundamentals of market research. Doing so raised my comfort level that I have a sound, up-to-date understanding of market research techniques and applications.
For me, having this renewed confidence and understanding has enhanced the productivity of my interactions with research agencies, and in the end helps ensure that the market and consumer insight studies I purchase to meet my organization’s needs are highly relevant and actionable."

Anne Marie David, CMRP
Market Research Manager
Schering-Plough Canada Inc.

"I am very proud that I achieved my CMRP designation through challenging the CMRE in June 2009. Achieving the CMRP designation had been a professional and personal goal of mine. I hope that in attaining the designation that I give my clients even greater confidence that I am providing them with the best marketing research advice and service that meets their research needs, and that I'm conducting this research to the highest level of professional ethical standards. Furthermore, I feel honoured to be put in a class of great marketing research professionals who have also attained the designation, and to have received the designation through the highly respected MRIA. I challenge all of you to also attain the CMRP!”

Tracy Bowman, CMRP
Social Science Specialist
Parks Canada

"We are strongly supportive of our industry's professional accreditation program and proud that the vast majority of our professional research staff now have the CMRP designation. The CMRP designation is quickly becoming a recognized requirement for our industry."

Don Mills, CMRP
President & CEO
Corporate Research Associates Inc., Halifax

"In a world where disintermediation is so prominent and low cost of entry makes DIY research within reach of everyone, those who truly have the differentiating skills and knowledge need a way to standout in the marketplace. The MRIA's CMRP does just that. An earned designation is not for the faint of heart. It tells an employer that you are a serious, thoughtful professional who is committed to marketing research as a profession. In addition to the obvious display of knowledge and skill, taking the time and effort to earn the CMRP demonstrates focus, determination, and goal orientation, all of which make a big impression on prospective employers."

For more information, please contact cmrp@mria-arim.ca.