Path 2: MRIA Courses Pathway

Just Love to Learn?

You’ve graduated from University and have developed a distinct taste for marketing research. You miss the thrill of learning and the challenge of proving your abilities. If your eye is on the future, then this path is for you, as the traditional, tried-and-true way to obtaining certification, and with a touch of flexibility. It requires completion of MRIA’s 12 Core Courses, combined with experience and the added help of a Mentor for whom there is no additional charge.

In order to receive your CMRP designation, you must meet the following requirements:

  • University or College Graduate
  • Successful completion of MRIA's 12 Core Courses
  • Minimum of two years work experience in the industry
  • Successful completion of both parts of the CMRE, to illustrate competence and application skills
  • Successful completion of the MRIA Ethics Course
  • Received approval by the Certification Advisory Committee

We've got the courses – bring us your Mind!

Application Form

To apply, simply download and complete our PDF application form and return it along with payment to the address indicated on the application form.