In-Class Learning

The Marketing Research and Intelligence Association's Institute for Professional Development (MRIA-IPD) has continuously offered a multitude of courses across Canada and endeavours to continue to do so, as in-person, group-based learning provides an irreplaceable experience.

Our courses fall into one of two main categories:
"Core" or "Professional Development." (PD)

Core courses:
The twelve courses in this category are those that comprise the professional education path to the Certified Marketing Research Examination (CMRE.) These courses range in topic and complexity, but when viewed as a whole, represent a diverse and critical wealth of knowledge for any individual who wishes to be recognized as a Certified Marketing Research Professional (CMRP.) These courses are, not surprisingly, quite marketing research related.

Professional Development courses:
Professional Development courses comprise everything else that MRIA-IPD offers as a course. PD courses are generally higher-order in terms of complexity and may be better suited to individuals with mild to extensive experience in their field, or who have already attained the CMRP designation. At times, MRIA-IPD offers PD courses that are more universal in nature, regardless of field or experience.

Core Courses: 2016-2017

Members wishing to obtain the CMRP (Certified Marketing Research Professional) designation are required to have knowledge requirements as outlined in the 11 core courses listed below. Candidates in Pathway 2 are required to complete all 12 core courses. Candidates in other pathways may take any of these courses to reinforce their base knowledge.

Course Name Textbook (*) Duration
Maximum Class Size
101-Introduction to Marketing Research Yes 1 20
102-Market Research Standards Yes 1 20
201-Marketing Research Design: An Applied Course Yes 1 20
202-Questionnaire Design Yes 1 20
203-Marketing Research Statistics & Data Analysis Yes 2 20
204-Qualitative Marketing Research Yes 1 20
301-Research Intelligence (previously 301 & 302)   1 20
303-Marketing Management for Researchers   2 20
401-Online Research, Best Practices and Innovations   1 20
402-Advanced Analysis Techniques Yes 2 20
403-Advanced Qualitative Marketing Research   1 20

Please note some of the course numbers have changed effective July 2010. The course names have stayed the same. For the table of Core course prerequisites, please click here.

Required Textbook

MRIA has adopted one textbook that can be used for 7 MRIA Core courses (indicated with a Yes in the list above):

Modern Marketing Research Step-by-Step by Chuck Chakrapani and Ken Deal
This book will form the foundation of seven MRIA Core courses as well as the Comprehensive Marketing Research Exam (CMRE). The text can be accessed online completely free of charge at any time – click here. After September 30, 2010 (when 2010 updates will be completed), students will be able to print each chapter for a small fee.

Complementary readings will be suggested by the instructors, when required. For those students who have already purchased Malhotra’s Marketing Research – An Applied Orientation, be advised that it remains an excellent resource for most of the core modules and to prepare for the CMRE.